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[Y]es, the infamous rules section. I don't ask for much, however. Just that when you are:

//Crediting: I'd like it if you credit me when you use my icons, but I'm not going to make you, as long as you aren't stealing. It's obnoxious and just makes you come out looking like a liar and a jerk. Don't know how to credit? Just ask. I'll be more than happy to help.

//Using: Go for it. I love it when people use my icons. The only terms for this is: as long as you're not vandalizing them or claiming them as your own, use them to your heart's content. If you use them off LJ, let me know.

//Requesting: I do requests, so if you want me to make you an icon or something, go ahead and ask.

//Joining: Joining the journal is absolutely fine, but don't ask for posting access, because you won't get it. This is for me to post my icons, not for you to post random things or your own icons.

all resource credits are here

fukikomu // sakusei // epitomeicon

If you would like to affiliate, make a comment here.